Welcome to MELANATED! A listing for POC webmasters. Whether your website is dedicated to social causes, a personal site, or a fansite, you are welcome here! As long as you are a person of color, please feel free to add yourself to the list!

What is the purpose of this listing?

Simply, to connect and aggregate links of POC who are in webdev as a profession or as a hobby.



Please have a link back to MELANATED somewhere on your site, whether it's one of the below buttons or a text link. Thank you!


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Website Description Rating 🌐
Personal site: diary, art, and other nerdy ramblings! Mature Blasian
Ophanimkei is a website featuring artwork, projects, and other personal things of the webmistress SFW Black
Art + OCs + Music SFW Filipino
A personal collection of everything Mizuki loves, from ocs to menhera to cool stamps. SFW Indigenous Taíno/Japanese
The personal site of an artist ♡ SFW Indian
A website of an artist's musing on their own projects, interests and cultures! SFW Slavic / Central Asian
Personal/hobby webdev SFW Latine / Mexirican 🇲🇽🇵🇷
Just my cute little personal website! SFW Mixed Afro-Boricua
A personal site with links to stuff I find fun and content I've made. SFW Black/Latino
The creative endeavors and collected curios of a queer constellation ~ ☆ SFW African-American
A personal sandbox for thoughts, interests, and artwork SFW Indonesian
Hatsune Miku inspired site! SFW Latine/Mexican
a mishmash of all my favorite things: art, music, ocs, and silliness! SFW Black Jamaican
An online diary of a lady's misadventures in two worlds SFW Filipino
Both blog and digital garden. Themes include: Education, Tech Lite, Life, Psychology and Journaling. SFW Hispanic
A personal/hobby site NSFW African American
Personal website focused on displaying my art, original characters, and stories! SFW Filipino
Personal website - not really a blog, I just post links and talk on it SFW Chinese
A Writing and Art Space and Portfolio SFW Black
Just a personal website where i hang SFW Palestinian
sleepy and melancholic themed blog that mostly collects the thoughts of Sniffles SFW Filipino
A look into the twisted soul of a pretty average guy SFW Filipino
A personal website made by a amateur webdev SFW Gambian African American
personal website code playground funzone SFW Filipino
personal blog & creative repository! SFW Black
queer colorful art, weird webcomics, dope links, good mood. A bit slimy. NSFW Latino/Unknown
personal hobby site focused around life, art, writing, and other code creations, as well as a few indieweb tidbits NSFW Black
kiki's writing a lifestyle blog hoping to help people find happiness in living! SFW Mexican
Personal site for me to display my art, original characters, and other stuff I like! NSFW Latina / Salvadoran
Personal website for me :> NSFW Nigerian
my happy place and mind space, varying around gaming, references, easter eggs, art, programming, and more! SFW Black i run an archive blog for my art, diary, and journal! i'm constantly working on it. :3 NSFW Black
My fluffy personal site where I heal the world with kawaii cooking, art, decor, & more! SFW African American
a shrub dreams to grow into a forest the home of a shrub building their own small forest. contains art, music, and personal ramblings! SFW Filipino
a personal website/hobbyist/shrine for the :3 emoticon SFW Indian
Tehuan [which means to be in the company of someone] is a personal site that tries to invite any viewer in to stay a while and read blogs, get little updates on my life, enjoy my personal libraries, and see any new art I make! SFW Indian, Chicano, and Lithuanian
Mordecai Alba A personal website documenting art, zines, writing, fiber arts, and comics Mature Mixed Filipino and White
Mushroom themed personal site. Mature Black + Mexican
A personal website and coding project featuring stories, art, a blog, and an X-Files shrine. Mature Latina / Panamanian
personal website that contianes iframes and such SFW(Mature Language) Chinese/Taiwanese
personal website where you will find journal entries, art, poetry rambles among other content ♥ SFW Chinese
my website focused on my art, and an oekaki board, too :> Mature Cuban
a personal site made by “MiLKY” that is a tribute to “doing things for the heck of it” Mature Filipino
Cute website of a yumejoshi ✿ R15 Black
emo site ran by a weredog NSFW Blaxican
A personal website where I host my art and world-building projects! Mature Mixed Black/White
Pink personal site with some graphics thrown in SFW Latina
A personal site where I share my art and talk about my favourite things! SFW Sudanese 🇸🇩